Create An Account?

● Ensure that you are using the latest version of miggi application

● Ensure you have a stable internet connection,

● Length of username should be between 6 -20 digits,

● Do not use special character (,@$ etc) for username

● Username can only be registered once. you can not register same username again, incase it is already registered with the miggi server.

● Fill in all required fields : Date of birth can not be the same with the date you registered an account.

● If the verification of registration email is expired (403 forbidden), LOGIN using your username and password, after login will appear a caption asking you to re-verify. Immediately do the verification again.

● Email to register is Gmail.

Miggi Commands

These command can be used by owners and moderators of their linked chat rooms.

● /silence: silent room.

● /kick [username]: kick user.

● /ban [username]: ban user from chat room.

● /unban [username]: unban the ban user.

● /lock: lock the room so that no one can enter except moderators and admin.

● /unlock: for unlock chat room.

● /announce [message]: for the announcement of room.

● /announce off: To turn off the announcement.

● /bump

These command can be used user in the chat rooms.

● /rnd: choose random user.

● /whois [username]: to find the username details

● /gift [username] [gift name]: to send gifts

● /rolltarget x : x=value target

Miggi Mood Commands:

/agree, /angry, /apologize, /argh, /awesome, /bae, /bark, /bearhug, /bed, /beer, /beg, /blink, /blowk, /blush, /boo, /bored, /bow, /brb, /burp, /caff, /challenge, /champion, /cheer, /chicken, /chuckle, /cmon, /comfort, /confuse, /congrat, /cool, /cos, /crazy, /cringe, /cry, /doh, /drool, /drunk, /duck, /eek, /eh, /embrace, /equalised, /faint, /fart, /firebreath, /flirt, /french, /frown, /fun, /gasp, /gee, /giggle, /glad, /glare, /gme, /gn, /go, /goal, /gold, /greet, /grin, /groan, /gtg, /happy, /hfive, /hiccup, /hmm, /hold, /honor, /howl, /hug, /hum, /joy, /kiss, /kujum, /lag, /laugh, /listen, /lose, /loser, /love, /magnificent, /martian, /milestone, /miss, /mmm, /moo, /mumble, /nod, /out, /penalty, /phew, /pinch, /play, /poke, /ponder, /power, /purr, /record, /red, /relax, /rest, /rose, /ruffle, /sad, /salute, /scream, /seduce, /shiver, /shmoo, /shrug, /shy, /sick, /sigh, /slap, /sleepy, /smile, /smirk, /smoke, /sneeze, /snore, /snuggle, /sorry, /spit, /spock, /squirt, /stare, /strut, /sure, /surprise, /tantrum, /thank, /tiara, /trf, /tv, /typo, /tyt, /urwc, /warcry, /warn, /wave, /whistle, /whop, /win, /wink, /wohoo, /worship, /worthy, /xoxo, /yawn, /yeah, /zzz

Miggi Abbreviation Commands

/av abbreviation

aamof, adn, afaik, afk, aka, ama, asap, asl, aslp, at, atm, atw, atys, awhfy, bbiab, bbl, bbq, bbs, bc, bcdhm, bf, bff, bion, bm, bot, brb, btw, cfy, conp, ctn, cts, cu, cul, cye, cyl, dgaf, diy, dlyvm, dnd, dpwm, dtf, eod, eos, eta, faq, fb, fitb, fml, focl, fofl, fomo, fos, ftf, ftw, fwiw, fya, fyeo, fyi, g, gal, gf, gfn, gg, gi, giwisi, gj, gl, gmta, gmv, gtfo, gtg, h, hagd, hb, hbd, hcit, hf, hh, hhsf, hhvf, hmb, hmu, hoas, hru, hth, hw, iac, iag, iagw, ic, icymi, idc, idgaf, idgas, idgi, idk, idndt, iirc, ik, ikr, ikwum, ily, imao, imo, iow, irl, is, jk, jmho, jtlyk, kit, kwim, lmao, lmbo, lmk, lms, lol, ltr, lylas, mmb, myob, nbd, nc, nm, nmjc, np, nsfw, ntn, nvm, oic, omg, omw, ootd, ot, pc, pfyi, pls, pos, potd, pov, ppl, ptfo, rofl, roflmao, rotf, sfw, sitd, sly, smh, stby, stfu, swak, swalk, tba, tbc, tbh, tbt, tc, tfh, tgif, thx, tia, tlc, tmi, ttfn, ttyl, ttyn, ttys, txt, tyvm, wfh, wknd, wtf, wth, wywh, xoxo, yolo, yrg, yw

If You Do Not Received The Verification Email Please Ensure:

● Check spam folder

● Your registered email is correct.

How To Get Miggi Credits?

● Claim free credits in chatrooms 'voucher' or 'Miggi'.

● Purchase from respective miggi merchants

How To Transfer MCR To Another Account?

● Instead of minimum username level must be 5 and above

● click on the dollar icon at the home screen (next to the search icon) and click on 'transfer credit'.

MCR (Miggi Credit) Value In IDR?

● 1mcr : 100 idr, or

● 1000mcr : 100.000 idr

Benefit Of MCR?

● Purchase virtual gifts and emoticons

● Start kick in a chatroom

● Play games

How To Edit A Profile?

● Click on the user avatar icon and click 'edit' , you can add a photo and banner

How To Add A Friend?

● Click on 'search' and type the username you wish to add and click on '+' on his/her profile

How To Unfollow Friend?

● Go to my profil > following > unfollow

Miggi Level Benefits:

● You can create your own chatroom once you have reached miggi level 20 (maximum 3 chatroom).

● Once you reached miggilevel 25, you will be entitled for 1 free ID under 6 digits of your desire, i.e naya / joe / sara etc.

● You will be entitled for another free ID under 6 digits once you reach miggi level of 50 , 75 , 100 (every 25 stages).

How Username Level Can Be Upgraded?

● Add more friends

● Exchange virtual gifts

● Purchase emoticon packs

● Playing games

● Post a feed

● Comment on a feed

● Purchase miggi credits from miggi merchants

● Active chating in the chatrooms and private chat.

NOTE: Miggi level progress is automatically calculated by the system

How To Search A Chatroom?

● At the chatroom page, click on 'Search' icon at the bottom right side.

● 'Refresh' and 'Create' is in the same main icon.


● Security code for transfering MCR to another user ID.

● Default PIN given by the system : 000000

● Change pin >menu setting > change pin

Forgot Your PIN Code and Email ID?

● Request for PIN reset and recovery email to

Short ID's Entitlement

● Once you have reached miggi level 25, you may claim it from any available admin or our customer service representative in chatroom "support center", you will be required to submit your details such as:

Username 25:....,Short ID:....,Gender:....,E-mail:....

● We will send a notification to your email. Check your email regularly after you claim your short id.

● Estimated time for registration is between 2 - 3 days.

How To Change Password?

● Menu setting > reset password > go to your email > follow the instructions in the email.